My Professional Story:

I am a Pacific Northwest girl who is a cultural photographer and part-time travel writer. I have been photographing everyday life and the human spirit for approximately ten years. My photography style documents candid, unscripted moments in your home. I have a keen ability to capture people in a relaxed and unposed state, contributing to the documentation of human nature in its purest form. My photo-editing process is minimal, as I want to keep the integrity of the moments I am documenting.


My Personal Story:

I am the mother of three food-dependent sons. My oldest son lives in Bend, Oregon; my middle son will be graduating in 2017, and has just discovered choir; and my youngest son is obsessed with track and field. 

I am married to my best friend -- most days -- and we will be celebrating twenty-five years of marriage in November. Our dream is to live in a tiny home, and travel the world. 

My days are filled with photography, writing, hiking, watching Sherlock Holmes on Netflix, walking the countryside (I'm a fan of small towns.), girlfriend adventures, marking off restaurants from my Portland food list, reading nonfiction, and researching places to travel. I have traveled to many areas of the world when U2 cassette tapes were all the rage, Kodak click-boxes captured images, and cell phones did not exist. With that being said, I don't claim bragging rights of the good ole days, because I like my modern conveniences found in Google Maps, the music of Ed Sheeran, and a camera that does not lie about my images displayed on a mini screen. 

I easily connect with others and would love to hear from you. Please contact me with any possibilities of future press trips, if you want advice about travel media, or just to meet me as a future friend in photography and writing. 

I'm looking forward to working with you,