Maurice, A Pastry Luncheonette

A few pictures of a recent lunch date I had with a friend. I had to move quick in taking photographs as the restaurant was busy. Also, I was unable to interview anyone as I wanted to spend time with my friend. I wish I had more detailed information to offer you, but that gives you an opportunity to try out the luncheonette yourself. Two words: French and Pastry. That should be enough for you to grab a coat, pull on cute boots and skidaddle out the door. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02474-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02474-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg

A good friend and I met up in Portland, Oregon for lunch. She had stumbled across a quaint french cafe, Maurice. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02478-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02478-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg

My lunch was an open-faced sandwich. It had cottage cheese and thinly sliced apple layered on toasted bread. It was good, but I liked my friend's dessert better. But what woman doesn't like dessert best? 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02481-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02481-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg

This is our lunch neighbor. I asked him if he was French? I told him he looked like a Frenchman. He smiled and said no one had told him that before. Don't you think he looks French? 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02485-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02485-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg

French pastries ready to eat. We tried not to drool over them. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02486-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02486-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg

A reindeer made out of a map. He was hiding in the corner. Good thing I'm honest, because he would have found a place by my front door if I was not. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02488-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA02488-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg

A photograph of the Maurice business card in case you want to contact them about their menu. Tell them Ingrid sent you. 

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