Goat Marsh and the Salamanders

20150525-DSC_0074Ingrid McQuivey20150525-DSC_0074Ingrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg

A couple of weeks ago we hiked into Goat Marsh Research Natural Area. It is an easy hike into a spectacular view of Mount St. Helens. The area is a pyroclastic area of Helens that has been reforested with old-growth fir. 

Hundreds of lily pads occupy the marsh. 

20150525-DSC_0093Ingrid McQuivey20150525-DSC_0093Ingrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg
20150525-DSC_0108Ingrid McQuivey20150525-DSC_0108Ingrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg

My son, salamander hunting. Salamanders in the marsh are as prevalent as the lily pads with little darts of shadows moving to and fro under the water. One salamander stood upright on his tail at the bottom of the lake. We assumed he was looking for food. 

20150525-DSC_0098Ingrid McQuivey20150525-DSC_0098Ingrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg

Watching the salamanders. 

20150525-DSC_0115Ingrid McQuivey20150525-DSC_0115Ingrid McQuivey Photographyuntitled.jpg

My Lord of the Rings husband full of admiration for the beauty and peace of the marsh.