Pinocchio In Brixen-Bressanone, Italy

South of the main crest of the Central Alps sits the picturesque town of Brixen-Bressanone, and a children's shop named Pinocchio. When you open the front door, you may meet one of two shop owners, and she bears the the name of Sibylle. Sibylle's name stems from a goddess, and her long dark hair, accompanied by her soft voice, is a compliment to her name and its myth. My best friend and I had the privilege of meeting Sibylle while shopping for baby gifts.

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1838Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1838Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

The front display window of the children's shop, Pinocchio, was dressed with a ruffled awning and had splashes of clothing color behind glass. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1810Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1810Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

When we entered the shop we were met with a young girl's dress and the shop owner, Sibylle. The dress was patterned in a style indicative of the Alto Adige/Sudtirol (South Tyrol) region. 

According to local history (or the front desk clerk at my hotel, and other credible sources), Brixen-Bressanone is Italy's oldest town in the autonomous province of South Tyrol. The town was ruled by the Hapsburgs for 300 years as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  In 1919 the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye ended the rule of the empire and ceded South Tyrol to Italy. The hyphenated name of the town reflects its history -- Brixen is German, and Bressanone, Italian. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1826Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1826Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

Edelweiss flowers were littered throughout the shop as accents on children's clothing. I half-expected Maria and the von Trapp children to come dancing through the door singing, "My Favorite Things" and "Do-Re-Mi."

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1813Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1813Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

Sibylle laid out several articles of clothing for us to view and translated the different languages found on the clothing tags. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1792Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1792Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

I purchased a red and white pair of knitted Alpen Socks for an expectant friend.

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1797Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1797Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

I also purchased a handcrafted pair of booties with adorning Edelweiss. They were made by an Italian family. Sibylle demonstrated how the booties adjust for a growing child by loosening the red laces. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1803Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1803Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

After we selected our gifts, Sibylle carefully wrapped them in a pastel lime paper and added a curly ribbon. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1808Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1808Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg
Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1805Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1805Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

While she wrapped, I photographed clothing found throughout the shop. I was delighted by the tiny details which accented the clothing. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1800Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1800Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

My friend and I chatted with Sibylle about local hikes found in the Italian Alps. She recommended a few hikes, and areas with access to hiking: Radlsee, Schalders, Rein in Taufers, and Ahornach

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1834Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1834Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

We spotted a Portland, Oregon hat which sat high upon a shelf and exclaimed, "We visit the Italian Alps and discover a hat from Portland!" Sibylle held it for me as I photographed it. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1828Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA1828Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

We had spent at least an hour with Sibylle in her shop called Pinocchio before we left. And as we walked out the door, my friend turned to me and said, "She is like us. If we lived in Brixen, I believe she would have been a good friend." 

I couldn't agree more. 

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Note: I have not received compensation for this review. I was motivated to share my experience as I felt I had made a connection with Sibylle.