A Weekend In Seattle

Kimpton Hotel Monaco:

Recently, my husband and I traveled to Seattle for a weekend. We had booked a room downtown at Kimpton Hotel Monaco.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were greeted with a courteous staff and an unexpected upgrade to our room. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2135Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2135Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

We had a spectacular street view of pedestrians shuffling along sidewalks amongst rectangular layers of metal, accented with windows.

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2131Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2131Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

Our room boasted of a "luxurious, yet playful" interior with splashes of rich reds and a grey wall motif accenting a tufted headboard.


Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2138Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2138Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

I looked for sustainable practices, such as the coffee cups located within our room. Also, hotel guests had the option to decline maid services and be credited five dollars a night. 


Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2118Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2118Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

We stayed one night and slept in until 11:00 a.m. with oversized pillows and a down comforter. And when we checked out I said to the staff, "Thank you for everything. It was very relaxing. It's what we needed." 

We had prepaid for valet parking at the hotel, however, due to the busy time of morning there was a delay in valet service when we picked up our car. A valet manager noticed the delay and offered to credit our room for a portion of the service.

And as the valet staff opened the door of my car and I swung my black leather boots to rest on the floorboard, I looked down and thought, "I should have polished my boots." 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2168Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2168Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

On Saturday we ate dinner at Cutters Crabhouse. I ordered the Louie. It was a romaine salad with wood-fired salmon, market-fresh crab and jumbo prawns. A fellow diner sitting near our table motioned toward my plate and commented, " Your dish looks colorful and delicious. What is the name of your dish?"

The dish was every bit as tasty as it appeared. 


Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2172Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2172Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

For dessert, our experienced and attentive waitress recommended the key lime pie, and it did not disappoint. Some key lime pies are heavy in texture, but the fresh whipping cream and lime pie filling was light. My husband even commented on it, "I wonder how they got the pie to be so light to the taste?" The pie sat in a homemade graham cracker crust. 

After dinner, I asked if I could take a couple of photographs and upon approval, I quickly snapped some of the line and we began to leave. Our waitress told us they have a courtesy shuttle to downtown hotels. We declined the shuttle, as we wanted to walk, but thanked her for the exceptional food and service. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2178Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2178Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

We meandered down a cobblestone street to a new start of Seattle's gum wall. 


Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2202Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2202Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg
Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2184Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2184Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg
Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2200Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2200Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

Gobs of chewed rubber glowed under colored lights and saliva. Amongst the fingerlike projections of gum amoebas was Seattle Theatresports -- "the theatre behind the gum wall."


Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2191Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2191Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

We entered through the doors and were greeted by the smell of butter-laden, popped kernels of corn. We stayed two hours and watched two improv comedy acts. It was the cost of a pair of movie tickets. 

The first show consisted of improv games. The second show was a full-length, improv theatre production based around Seattle's advertised missed connections -- the what-could-have-been romances which happen in the grocery store near the salsa and chip aisle. 


Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2192Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA2192Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

We haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

National Geographic Live

Our weekend ended with National Geographic Live. We were privileged to listen to photojournalist Ami Vitale speak (I wished I had taken notes). Unfortunately, we were not allowed to photograph the event, but you can visit their website for a schedule of events and more information. 

*Please note: I was not compensated for reviewing these services.