Antica Besseta in Venice

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03983Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03983Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

My niece (Rachel Sander), my best friend and I had lost our way in a labyrinth of alleyways amongst the streets of Venice. We had already ridden in a Gondola and photographed a local upholsterer named Claudio. We needed a place to eat and stumbled upon a fresh, yellow facade adorned with dark wooden doors labeled, Antica Besseta

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03974-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03974-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

We entered Antica Besseta and were greeted with warmth by our waiter, Fabio. He sat us at near the front of the restaurant and worked hard at communicating in the English language. I regretted I had not thoroughly studied the Italian language before leaving the United States. While traveling, I had a great appreciation for the many Italians who have mastered English. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03959-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03959-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

After we ordered, we waited amongst a beautiful view of antiquities, mixed with modern class.

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03957-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03957-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

A delectable bite was presented before our main dish. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03965-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03965-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

I had ordered the Seabass Burger with homemade chips. It was coupled with a soy ketchup and a pink mayo. The dark color of the bun intrigued me and I asked about the color. Fabio revealed, "It is made with cuttlefish ink. It is healthy, simple and natural."

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03961-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03961-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

Upon permission, I photographed our chef, Giacomo Cassan. I watched him take great care in the preparation of our dishes. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03978Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03978Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

Myself, and my group, were privileged to try a new menu item coming in April. A burrata cream, tuna, sea asparagus, and cream of peas were the perfect compliment to the palate.

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03969-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03969-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

We were also presented with "shrimp in a spring garden with a potato spume." The firm, yet tender shrimp, mixed amongst rich lavender and orange pansies, were almost too beautiful to eat. 

For dessert we had a decadent chocolate globe. (See video)

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03972-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03972-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

After dinner, my best friend waited in a quiet and patient manner, as my niece and I photographed the restaurant. 

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03979Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03979Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

In the back of the restaurant sat a wine room which accommodated larger groups.

Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03981-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03981-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg
Date (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03985-2Ingrid McQuiveyDate (20150722)-Ridgefield, WA, USA03985-2Ingrid McQuiveyIngrid McQuivey PhotographyMemories.jpg

After we finished our meal we said goodbye to Giacomo, and Fabio walked us to the door. He waved his hand to the right and said, "Antica Besseta sits next to the narrowest alley in Venice."  Then, myself, my niece and my best friend wandered toward the streets of Venice. And as we did, we commented on the hospitality, kindness and exquisite cuisine we had experienced. 


-Before traveling to Venice read over Antica Besseta's website. It is a wealth of information about their name and history, as well as their cuisine. 

-If you are interested in reading more about our day in Venice, check out my niece's new blog, New & Native. She's a talented photographer.